If you read this page your are looking for a place to stay. As a person renting a house (a tenant) you have rights and responsibilities, give yourself an idea here: and here:

When signing a contract, check who (tenant vs. landlord) is responsible for what. Some relevant points:

– paying utilities (heating, gas, electricity, internet…)

– plowing the snow from common areas during the winter

– emptying trash bins

– cleaning common areas (backyard)

– refilling the fuel tank of your heating system

Be aware that during the winter, it might be the tenant’s (your) responsibility to keep the house temperature above a threshold to avoid damages to the heating system, due to water freezing.

Here is a list of accommodations and useful internet sites we gathered based on previous experience of our members. For short term stay (a fraction of the semester) expect prices to be higher. NEVER send money in advance from a foreign country to the United States to start a lease: most likely it is a scam and you will not get any apartment or your deposit back.

Short term stay:

-email us at since we might know about temporary accommodations.

– email to rent a room, typical duration of stay was 2-8 weeks. The owner is not part of the Yale housing system, but we had positive experience with him.

Long term stay:

For graduate students, this is the main resource: Contact the Yale housing as soon as possible since availability is limited, especially if you want a room close to a specific area of the campus.

For incoming foreigners, the Office of International Students and Scholars offers resources and advice also in case of a dispute with your landlord:

Housing can be found on craigslist:

To report a non-working internet address, suggest additional resources or have any question while researching for a place to stay, contact us at


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