Click the link below to download the list of items available for sale and directly contact the owner (info in the file)

ITEMS SOLD BY ISYSA (this is just an example)

How to post items for sale

Every Member of ISYSA who would like to post an item should send an email to with a file *.pdf, where you need to fill in your name, e-mail and phone number (optional). Put a picture of the items including price and description (files no larger than 1MB). See our file above as a reference to make your own.


In order to support the expense of a storage space, ISYSA kindly asks you just $1 fee for every $30 of sold items (e.g. if you sell 3 items for less than $30, you still owe just $1 to ISYSA; if you sell up to $60, you owe $2, and so on).

It is the seller’s responsibility to inform ISYSA about the sold pieces and send an updated version of the file containing the list of items for sale

For any information, please contact

(updated on 03/02/12)


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