ISYSA bylaw


Official Name: “The Italian Society of Yale Students and Affiliates”

Type of Organization: Cultural

Registration Date: October 2012


Mailing Address:

Faculty Adviser: Prof. Guido Calabresi

Brief Description of the Organization

The Italian Society of Yale Students and Affiliates is a non-profit organization devoted to the creation of a space in which the members of the Yale Community, with an interest in Italy and Italian culture, can network, socialize, and share information about Italian-based events. To this end, we organize social, intellectual, and cultural activities, such as talks, film screenings, and social gatherings.

Statement of Purpose

A. To bring together the members of the Yale Community interested in Italian culture and of Italian heritage with the purpose of creating a network and promoting Italian culture within Yale as well as fostering a sense of community and facilitating intercultural exchanges.

B. To work with other Italian Societies of international academic institutions and with other graduate and undergraduate organizations within Yale.

C. To maintain a connection with alumni members of the Society in order to establish a network among former and current members, especially in connection with the Yale Club of Italy.


A. Membership is open to all members of the Yale Community and does not require any fee. People interested can become members of the Italian Society by submitting their personal information in the section “Membership” of the Society’s website

B. Members are divided into three groups:

·   Students: current undergraduates and graduates;

·   Affiliates: current and former members of the Yale Community not being Alumni

                    or students, including partners of members;

·   Alumni: former undergraduates and graduates.

C. Members can participate to all the events promoted by the Society, suggest new activities, volunteer for organizing events, and cast a vote at the elections. The Society encourages and welcomes an active participation of all its members.

D. Members who have actively participated to the Society’s events and have at least a one-year long membership can propose themselves as candidates for elections.

E. Student and Affiliate membership expires at the end of the members’ tenure at Yale. However, Alumni membership can be obtained by registering again on the website. Alumni members are encouraged to join our sister organization, Yale Club of Italy.

F. Any member can withdraw membership by formally sending an email to the Society’s official email address


1. The Board Members lead the Italian Society of Yale Students and Affiliates. The Board meets according to necessity. Any member of the Board can call a meeting and notify by e-mail the rest of the Board.

2. The Board is composed of a number of at least five and no more than nine officers: the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Affiliate Officer. The Board is required to implement the decisions of the general meetings.

3. The President represents the Society and ensures the enforcement of its Constitution as well as tending to its day-to-day running and relations with the University and other organizations.

4. The Vice-President serves as a substitute when needed and can be delegated by the President.

5. The Secretary keeps the agenda of the meetings of the Board, and organizes the correspondence, and other documents of the Society. The Secretary is required to show the reports of the meetings of the Board and the files to any member who requests to see them. The Secretary is also responsible of ensuring the publication of the meeting reports on the Society’s website. The Secretary receives the Society’s correspondence and informs those directly concerned.

6. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the economic activities of the Society and handling the society’s funds. At each meeting, the Treasurer should inform the Board about the status of the organization finances, including funding opportunities, requests and reports. Moreover, the Treasurer keeps an up to date list with names and email addresses of the Society’s members.

7. The Affiliate Officer will maintain a listing of the society’s scholar members and will send monthly updates of the society’s activities via email.

8. The Alumni Officer has to be an alumnus/a and does not need to be a member of the Board. S/He will maintain a list of the Society’s alumni members and will send monthly updates of the Society’s activities via email. He will be the direct link of the society with its alumni members and will maintain communication and co-operation.


1. Elections will be held every year before October 1st in order for the Society to be officially registered by October 31st. The elected officers will assume their duties immediately. The Board of the previous year will decide the exact date of the elections.

2. All registered members must be informed at least five days before the elections. Quorum will consist of one-half plus one of the members. If at the first election meeting quorum requirements are not met, a new election meeting will be called for the following week. At the second election meeting, quorum will consist of ten individuals voting. If this is not the case, the members of the current Board will assume the positions of the following year’s board, with the President assigning positions to interested members of the society. The result of the elections will determine the members of the Board. The Board will then elect within itself the specific roles of each officer. Elected Board Members can decline the office and the position will be filled in by the next candidate with most votes.

3. Members who have actively participated to the Society’s events and have at least a one-year long membership can propose themselves as candidates for elections.

4. Elections will be held by secret ballot via a suitable online-based method that encourages participation and collaboration. Responsibilities are decided by elected members except for the Alumni Officer and the Affiliates Officer.

5. Members wishing to be elected shall express their will to the current Board. The Board forms the list of the candidates in alphabetical order.

Impeachment and Expulsion of Members

1. Impeachment proceedings are initiated by a calling of a Board meeting in which all Board members except the nominee for impeachment are in agreement that impeachment proceedings should be initiated.

2. Notice of a second meeting, to take place no more than two weeks after the initial proposal and for the purpose of voting on impeachment, should be sent to all registered members at least one week before the date scheduled. All members who were registered before the impeachment proposal have the right to vote. Quorum is constituted by one-half plus one of the eligible members, numbering no less than seven. If quorum is not achieved, the impeachment proposal is nullified. Impeachment requires the votes of one half plus one of present voting members, collected using confidential balloting. If the proposal is upheld, the impeached member resigns and elections are held for a replacement who will be chosen by secret ballot and a plurality of votes cast. The elected member will assume office immediately.

3. A second impeachment proposal against an officer may not be submitted before the passing of 15 days from the time the first impeachment proposal was voted on.

4. The process for the expulsion of a member from the club is the same as that for impeachment.

5. The President maintains the right to call for an impeachment vote against one or more of the elected officers, without requiring the unanimity of the Board members in point 1 above, only on the grounds that the officer fails to fulfill his duties as described in this constitution.

Amendments to the Present Constitution

1. This constitution may not be amended more than once every academic year. This is not the case for spelling mistakes, which can be corrected with the approval of the Board.

2. The amendment process of this constitution is as follows: following a proposal of at least four Board members, the Board meeting will set a date for the discussion of amendments to the constitution. All members must be informed of this meeting at least five working days before it. Quorum is constituted only by the presence of the entire Board, and the approval of any amendments requires a majority of one half plus one of the Board Members.


1. The Board members reserve the right to ask for voluntary contribution from the Society’s members in order to supplement funds granted by Yale institutions.

2. Funds are primarily used to support the creation of events, such as social gatherings and conferences.

Dissolution Clause

In the event that the Italian Society dissolves, all remaining funds shall be given to Yale University.

Special Thanks
This association was founded and inaugurated by Jacopo Anselmi with the help of  Mattia Acetoso, Diego Bertelli, Nicola de Luca, Paul Di Capua, Stefano Giulietti, Roberto F. Lipari, Marcella Mignosa, Alessio D. Scano, Marco Vandoni.

Unanimously approved  by the 8 Board members of the academic year 2011-2012 on October 1, 2011: Mattia Acetoso, Eleonora Buonocore, Giulia Cardillo, Lorenzo Figura, Stefano Giulietti, Giovanni Lenguito, Silvio Sacchetti, and Silvia Ravera.


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