“HENHV” – Human Ecosystems New Haven

Opening Ceremony

December 9th, 2014 | 10.30-11:30am

New Haven City Hall |165 Church St, New Haven

Interactive Exhibit and Closing Party

December 12 | 4:00pm

Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design |14 Prospect St, New Haven

From December 9-12, New Haven’s City Hall will feature the exhibit “Human Ecosystems New Haven: The Digital Life of the City.” This event marks the launch of a project combining art, research, innovation and real-time open data: one that effectively turns New Haven into a “Human-Driven Smart City.”

Yale World Fellow Salvatore Iaconesi (philosopher, robotics engineer, artist, hacker and near-future designer) and his partner Oriana Persico (communications scientist, writer, cultural and social analyst) created the global project “Human Ecosystems” in 2013. This year, the project comes to New Haven. Human Ecosystems captures, in real time, public conversations happening on major social networks in 29 languages.


About HENHV:

About Salvatore Iaconesi



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