Mentorship Lecture – Prof. Giuseppe Mazzotta: “Reflections of an Italian Scholar”

You are cordially invited to a mentorship talk held by Professor Giuseppe Mazzotta, Sterling Professor for the Humanities and Chair of the Italian Department at Yale University . The talk will take place on Thursday, May 15th, 5pm-7pm, in HGS 211, 320 York St.

Prof. Mazzotta is a leader in the field of Dante Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies both in America and in Italy. Born in Italy, Prof. Mazzotta came to Canada at a very young age, graduated from the University of Toronto and arrived to America to pursue a graduate degree at Cornell University. He taught at Cornell and has been a Professor of Italian at Yale University since 1983 and in 2003 was appointed Sterling Professor in the Humanities for Italian.

 Based on his personal experience, Professor Mazzotta will give us insights on his brilliant career, and he will advice the audience on how to succeed in the academic system of a foreign country and how to keep an effective network with the country of origin.

Both foreign audience working in the US and Americans will benefit from the talk.

The mentorship lecture is organized with the support of OISS, McDougal Graduate Student Center and ISSNAFImage


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