On April 19th, at Columbia University, we have founded iUSA (Italian University Societies in America), official network of societies of Italians in the United States. This is the summary of the meeting :

1 ) Attendee Universities : Yale, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, SAIS, Columbia, NYU, Georgetown and Stanford. We have choosen the name iUSA (Italian University Societies in America) for the association. All universities above mentioned will be “Founding Members”. The association is open to all universities in North America (USA + Canada) , who will join as ” Members” . If you have contacts in other universities, feel free to invite them!

2 ) Purposes of iUSA : The main purpose of iUSA is to create networking among Italian societies present in American universities and to encourage the creation of other societies in universities where they are not yet present. We will start with a wordpress blog where all the member societies can post their events, so that we can keep each other updated about our local activities. There will be also a Google Calendar that site visitors can use to keep abreast of events.
The blog will also contain a page with the contact sites of our societies and links to other Italian associations similar, for purposes and interests, to ours.

5 ) Upcoming Events : Being part of iUSA allows us to plan events with greater impact than the ones we can plan as individual societies, events related to culture, science and economics, just to name a few, and to create channels of access to the activities that they promote as individual societies. Among the events discussed, we may soon organize a lecture, as inauguration of the network, with a famous Italian writer in New York. For the year 2014/2015, we are considering to organize an event to promote Expo in Boston and to identify a panel of speakers to be invited in various Italian universities of the network for a series of lectures .

Stay tuned!




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