Professor De Camilli Mentorship Lecture

Hi everyone

this post is a reminder for Professor De Camilli mentorship lecture:

you are cordially invited to a mentorship talk held by Professor Pietro De Camilli, Howard Hughes Medical Investigator at Yale University. The talk will take place on Thursday March 14th 6pm-8pm, in Rosenfeld Hall- Room GR109 , 109 Grove st.

Born In Italy, Prof. De Camilli moved to the USA for a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale university at the end of the 70’s.

Prof De Camilli is a leader in the Neuroscience field and his research in the past 30 years contributed to the understanding of the mechanisms of neurotransmission. Based on his brilliant career, De Camilli will give some thoughts on his personal experience as foreigner scientist in the United States

Both foreign audience working in the US and Ameircans native will benefit from the talk

have a look at link below for more details

I hope to see you all there


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