Every other … this time Wednesday – November, 16th

Dear all,

Thank you to all that came to the Italian Potluck today… It was a great success and we are sure that nobody left with an empty stomach!

However, be ready, because we already have another event planned for you.

It is that time again…. The time of our biweekly meeting!  Please notice that this week it will take place on Wednesday, November 16th 2011, at 8.30 PM and we have the opportunity to meet inside a Yale College. We will gather at 8.15 in front of Silliman College (505 College Street). Please be there on time, because we need to enter the College as a group.

This will be a joint event with Lo Stivale, the Yale undergraduate Italian Club.

The proposed theme of the evening is remembrance of the Italian past,  “Io mi ricordo,” or as Fellini said it in Romagnolo dialect “a m’arcord.”   This will be the first time this year that all the people interested in Italian culture, post-docs, grads and undergrads will gather together to share an Italian night!

We hope to see you all there!!!


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